Laura Summer with Zoltán Döbröntei, Maria Mesterhazy and members of Community Hospice in Catskill, NY - presentation of Zoltan's painting.

Site specific “commissions”. An institution can be offered a site specific painting from an artist who is willing to participate, this might be a faculty member at Free Columbia or someone participating in an ART/capitol residency.

There is a discussion between the artist and members of the institution about what is needed and then the artist is left free to create. The institution can make a contribution to Free Columbia. In November 2018 Zoltan Dobrantei, a painter from Budapest, Hungary created site specific work for the Community Hospice in Catskill NY, the Rudolf Steiner Library in Hudson NY and the new High Falls theater in Philmont, NY as part of the ART/capitol Residency ( A Free Columbia/Lightforms Collaboration).


Laura Summer

Site Specific Commissions