Laura Summer

Upcoming Art Dispersal: Lightforms Art Center 

743 Columbia St , Hudson NY

Fri/Sat/ Sun February 25/26/27

Paintings are available in person or online, and can be reserved ahead of time.

contact Laura Summer for more information.

Paintings can be seen here :

Art Dispersal is an event where we hang up original works of art and invite people to become their stewards. They can take a piece home, keep it for as long as they like, as well as return it to the artist if they no longer want to keep it. Stewards are offered an opportunity to make a contribution to Free Columbia. Contributions support the artists as well as Free Columbia.

Free Columbia has run 18 Art Dispersals over the past 10 years, with over 800 paintings (as well as other works of art) dispersed to stewards in Hudson, Philmont, Spring Valley, and Manhattan, NY; Eugene and Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA; New Orleans, LA; and Jarna, Sweden. In 2020 we held our first online art dispersal. 

Art Dispersals provide a way to experiment with de-commodifying ART