Online Courses 2023/24

All course tuition is on a sliding scale, students are expected to make a monthly contribution that is significant for them. Sliding Scale explanation and suggestions are available from Laura Summer:

New Classes start in September

All times are New York time


 Rudolf Steiner’s Color Lectures - zoom calls every week

 Color, Composition, Contemplation  - zoom calls every week

Color Dynamic - zoom calls every week

Fridays once a month: Cold Wax

Tuesdays once a month: working artistically with the Mantra of the School for Spiritual Science

Some classes are available as pdf lessons without zoom calls. In addition to the above there are the following pdf lessons :

Philosophy of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner

Genesis by Rudolf Steiner

The Gospel of John - new testament

Rudolf Steiner's Sketches for Painters - nature moods

Rudolf Steiner's Color Lectures

Rudolf Steiner - Calendar of the Soul

Spring - exercises in nature

Course Descriptions:

Color, Composition, Contemplation

This course will help you learn what color feels like. Each lesson has a color component - one color at a time, a composition exercise in black-and-white and a contemplation exercise using poems by various poets. Some people have been involved with this course in autumn 2022 but January 2023 is designed as a time where new people can join. Painting is done at home in your own time and we meet once a week on zoom to share work and discuss questions.

Zoom calls are held weekly on Wednesdays at 2pm and 7pm NY time. 

Rudolf Steiner’s Color Lectures

In this course we will paint the exercises in the three color lectures given May 6-8, 1921. 




I will give a painting exercise for each. We will read and paint at home in our own time, coming together once a week to share work, discussion, and questions.

Zoom calls are held weekly on Wednesdays at 8am and 4pm NY time

 Rudolf Steiner’s sketches for painters ( Nature Moods)

For each sketch I will provide a number of exercises. Some are obviously directly related to the colors of the sketch, some are more investigations, some are concerned with movement or gesture.  If you do all of them you should gain an overall understanding of what is happening in that sketch. For each sketch I have also suggested a word gathering exercise. This will help you enter into the realm of translating from color and form to word. Color could also be translated into music or movement and an exercise for that could be developed by a musician or movement specialist.


 Rudolf Steiner’s Genesis lectures

Using Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on Genesis we will try to paint these images, exercises will be given but also free work is encouraged.

Cold Wax – an introduction

This course is based on a 5 day course “Colors and Gestures of the Plant World – a workshop using Cold Wax”, that I taught in June 2022. The lessons are laid out as the course was given with the 5th day being finishing up and reviewing. The course includes a monthly zoom gathering with anyone who is exploring the medium of cold wax. You can join the course at any time. Zoom calls are held on third Fridays of every month at 1pm NY time.




Laura Summer