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In the Figure of Divine Substance


This catalog is a documentation of the project called “In the Figure of Divine Substance”. The project consists of 33 paintings by Laura Summer inspired by the work of 19 poets.

Approaching - Rudolf Steiner's Sketches for Painters


Exercises to accompany Rudolf Steiner's Sketches for Painters- The Nine Nature Moods. These exercises approach the training sketches in a new way that encourages the student to discover their secrets in a playful and creative way.

Making Free 


Drawing Exercises to Experience the Gospel of Saint John

for an explanation of this book go to Gospel project

52 weeks  drawing and painting with Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul 

purchase |  As modern people we live with very little relationship to the cycle of the year. Central heat and cooling, electric lights and modern transportation allow us to be fairly comfortable in any season and therefore unconscious of the great breathing cycle of the earth. The verses of Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul provide a meditative path for experiencing this cycle. When drawn or painted these exercises are designed to provide the student with an experience of inner movement during the year - the breathing in of the earth in winter, the out breathing into summer and the subtle variations, spirals, reversals and lemniscates of the process.

let go the shore 
purchase  A very short story that was written and illustrated by Laura Summer after working with the "Credo" by Rudolf Steiner. 

dark and light drawing

52 Exercises 


From the Introduction:What can we learn by dark and light drawing? What is darkness? What is light? What is a composition? What is balance?  These are questions that live beyond their material manifestations. They are questions that deal with experiences that are sense-free in their origin but that reveal themselves in manifestation in our visual world.  As a visual artist it is essential to have a working relationship with the elements of composition. 

sweater of rain gesture stories


The gesture of a story : when we think of a story we think of a plot, characters, setting and meaning but we can also look at the gesture of a story. What, in a gesture is a story trying to say? Do we look inward? Do we turn our thinking around? Do we struggle through darkness to light?   In creating these stories I tried to see what the gesture of a season is. How is Advent different from Easter? What happens at Ascension? At Michealmas? In creating paintings and block prints to accompany these stories I have tried to bring the gesture of the season as it is revealed in the story into visual expression. You will not find illustrations here but rather visual experiences that may make you question, what gesture lives here? Stories are meant to be told as well as read. Please feel free to tell these stories, expand on them, create variations. So the stories of the world evolve.

Blue Sky - Counterpoint

a short contemplation in poetry and collage of two texts in relationship to each other.


Free Columbia Painting Exercises

​a book of the basic exercises included in the Free Columbia Program