Laura Summer

The experience of the Gospel of St. John
A project with many parts.

How can we learn to know something on a deeper level?

“Saint John relates what he experiences as an initiated seer, who could look into the Spiritual worlds…. Whoever looks upon it as a book that one should read and understand in the same way as one reads and understands any other book knows nothing of the Saint John Gospel. He alone has knowledge of it who can experience it”. Rudolf Steiner Esoteric Christianity

I started by making drawing exercises for the Gospel of St. John. As I read the Gospel I asked myself what is the movement of the image here? How can it be expressed in a few lines or surfaces? How can I describe this so that someone else can try it? Then I wrote out the instructions. Then I made a painting following my instructions. Gradually my questions changed and I  began to wonder what is the teaching here? What must I do to take this path?
I made a book of the exercises so others could enter this investigation. It is available through Lulu and on Amazon. I have given workshops to help people understand the process of drawing in order to know something. If you would like me to come to your area you can contact me at or at 518.672.7302

The images here are of the finished paintings, the numbers are the numbers of the exercises in the book .