Laura Summer

Low residency work in the Elements of Painting

A Free Columbia course with Laura Summer

4 sessions November, February, April and July

2019/20 Free Columbia will offer a series of weeklong intensives in the basic lawfulness of color and composition. We will explore and exercise our capacities in the quality realm. If you are interested in painting and wonder how to take your work beyond your own expression and into the realm of conversation with the elements of two dimensions you are welcome to apply. If you have been painting for years and long for enlivening dialogue with other painters or if you are a beginner, but you’re fascinated and committed to this work of learning through artistic process, you are welcome to apply. The four sessions will be held in November, February, April and July. There will be individual work to do between sessions and the studio at Free Columbia will be available during the year. Tuition is on a sliding scale.

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