ONLINE classes and Interactive Zoom calls -Classes are given at different times to accommodate people in different time zones

 Color, Composition, Contemplation
Online course beginning in September 2022

Do you want to develop your capacity in the world of color perception, interaction and dynamic? Join Laura this fall for an online course. Working with painting and drawing can be health giving and transformative. Working with color and composition in relation to meaning and expression can be life engendering for your soul. Whatever style of painting you are inclined toward, understanding color and composition will increase your capacity and enjoyment of your work. This course will include written and video instruction as well as weekly group calls with participants from all over the world. Through this creative work a supportive transcultural community will be formed. Often in a group, working together, we can feel inspiration and understanding flow between us. Each month will be devoted to a color. Each week three exercises will be given for the student to work on during the week.     Developing color perception by painting.     Developing compositional capacity through black-and-white drawing.     Entering the realm of meaning through working with text and mixed-media Students should expect to spend at least three hours per week on this work in addition to the weekly zoom call where we will share work, ask questions and make comments on our process of learning together. The course will begin in September and end in May. At the end of the course students can expect to know color in a deep and different way, including : being able to identify the realm of qualities and polarities, (ex:large/small, strong/weak, simple/complex),  on the level of feeling; being able to work with these qualities consciously in their painting; being able to work expressively in relation to ideas, text, poetry and meaning. Tuition: Free Columbia is committed to making the cultural realm financially accessible to everyone. Students are expected to make a monthly pledge that is possible and significant for them in order to support Free Columbia. Contact Laura Summer for more information.

Color Dynamics
Begins September 2022

As a follow up to the Color, Composition, Contemplation Course, this year I will teach a course on color dynamics. The course will include after images, complementary colors, color perspective and various compositional considerations. This course will include written and video instruction as well as weekly group calls. Each call will take 1 hour and participants will share their work.

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